We process 100% of our PEFC certified spruce sawdust and spruce shavings into our nationally and internationally well known and very popular NORICA PELLETS. The energy required to dry the shavings is generated by burning our bark and wood chips.

Therefore, we use all by-products that are generated while processing log wood ourselves, working in a resource-saving, highly efficient and waste-free manner.



After drying the wood shavings, they are finely ground and pressed into the dies’ press channel using rollers. After pressing, the pellets are carefully cooled down and sieved. The finished pellets are temporarily stored in a silo to get filled into a pellet tank truck or bagged. The consistent high quality of our NORICA pellets is ensured by an additional extraction of fine particles before bagging and continuous quality controls examining the diameter, length, moisture, density and abrasion executed by our well-trained employees.

tons of CO2 emissions avoidance

Did you know that…

  • pellets burn CO2 neutral and consequently don’t cause a greenhouse effect, contrary to fossil fuels.
  • with a production of 25.000 t annually we avoid about 37.500 t of CO2 emissions per year.
  • pellets emit a very small amount of particulate matter in the burning process compared to firewood.
  • pellets are cheapest in the period between April and July (storage campaign) and that it is not recommendable to order pellets at the last moment, when your pellets storage space is almost empty.
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