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History of 100 years of experience.


On the 21stSeptember 1918 the foundation of Brothers Hasslacher & Co was established by Jakob and Franz. While the first custom cuts were executed in two little saw mills, their first own saw mill was established in 1920 at the present-day location. Over the last 100 years the business has been continuously growing. As a consequence, about 70 employees are involved in processing more than 200.000 fm/J of log wood to sawn timber for constructive timberwork and planed timber. Next to the saw and planing mill at the corporate site in Hermagor there is also a timber market as well as the pellet manufacturing plant “NORICA PELLETS” producing about 25.000 tons of pellets per year. Furthermore, HASSLACHER HERMAGOR operates two electric power plants and a photovoltaic system in cooperation with a partner.


One cubic meter of wood contains about 250 kilograms of pure carbon which can withdraw 912 kilograms of CO2 from the atmosphere. Therefore, whoever uses wood for construction or heating purposes also actively contributes towards protecting our environment. Heating using wood or pellets only emits CO2 which was removed from the atmosphere in advance.

The energy required in the production of timber is significantly less than the energy required in the production of any other building material.

There are no waste products in the processing of timber. Sawn timber and waste timber are delivered to processing industries, that produce timber building material, pellets, paper and much more. The bark and scrap wood are used for the generation of electricity and heat.

Heating plants/
district heating


Being a regional and traditional business, our goal is to use the resource wood in a radius of 50km in a sustainable manner to produce constant high-quality timber products and pellets for our clients at home and abroad. We maintain proper dealings with our suppliers and demand an equally high quality as clients, as we are obligated to provide such as producers.

Hydroelectric power plants


HASSLACHER HERMAGOR operates two small hydroelectric power plants at the Gössering, KW Grünburg I and KW Grünburg II, with a total output of about 450kW generating approximately 1,8 GWh of electricity per year. Thus, the HASSLACHER HERMAGOR saw mill can supply 40% of the required electricity with its own hydroelectric power plants.



Together with the strategic partner enerxiaone of the biggest photovoltaic roof systems projects is implemented on the roof surfaces of HASSLACHER HERMAGOR. With a maximum performance of 1,6 GW green energy is generated at the corporate site in Hermagor and is fed into the public grid.

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